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July 14 2013

4221 83d9
beautiful, cute, vintage

Image size: 500x335
4222 a621
amazing, fashion, dream

Image size: 499x750
4566 2ba7
horizontal, tumblr, always

Image size: 500x375

July 12 2013

2874 418f
diy, simple, purse

Image size: 604x5114
2876 3025
diy, simple, newspaper

Image size: 604x4998

July 10 2013

1910 e4af
diy, simple, handmade

Image size: 500x5483

July 09 2013

4785 ea64
okno, window

Image size: 400x300
4786 a789
okno, window

Image size: 400x340

July 08 2013

1912 6d65
Device, Steve Jobs, beautiful

Image size: 500x334

July 07 2013

1913 c00d
diy, simple, heart

Image size: 475x4475
1915 14e6
beautiful, confidence, cute

Image size: 1680x945

July 06 2013

1998 f5cc
peonies, pretty, wedding

Image size: 645x968
9606 c8bc
makeup, love, pretty

Image size: 600x700
9607 8be7
makeup, love, gold

Image size: 736x1003
9608 f341
makeup, love, girl

Image size: 400x399
6200 bbd8
makeup, love, want

Image size: 800x800
1771 b97b
barbie, beauty, bikini

Image size: 550x550
6202 02cb
makeup, silver smokey, smokey

Image size: 600x600
6206 5057
peonies, white, wedding

Image size: 400x600

July 05 2013

0740 6b62
cute, facts, feelings

Image size: 480x300
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